Friday, August 18, 2017

August 18, 2017

I'm not doing a very good job of chronicling the garden for this year.
We worked really hard on the place before Lynette's wedding and it has never looked so good.  Jim watered some of our weedier 'back yard', that has never been 'lawn' and mowed it.  The garden has never been so weed free (until after the wedding).
The flower gardens which were under my care were kept weeding and starting the first of July we covered them with a thick mulch of dark brown wood chips (two large pickup loads) with some Preen involved.

Our corn is all in the freezer and our tummies, and Jim has mowed the stalks down. Lorene and Aaron came again to help
The cucumbers are going gangbusters and I don't need anymore pickles, I have too many leftover from last year. 
The summer squash is nearly done; the plants are all dying. 
I can't get too much enthused about any more garden.  
I'm okay with more beans and we are eating okra.
I've pulled up half of the cucumbers, I think I need to pull up some more. 

One big day's picking.

Our first canteloupe.  Jim said it didn't taste as good as store bought. Who knows, it could be soil, temperature, water, seed, that makes the difference.

This is one of Lynette's wedding gifts.  We got to enjoy the flowers while they were gallivanting in Maine.  I LOVE this vase.  I would like to have one this shape. 

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